Thinking About Selling Your Home?

Thinking About Selling Your Home?

The sale of a home is often one of the largest financial transformations a family or homeowner will experience. A home sale means parting ways with the precious space, where so many memories were made, within the walls known as home. These two impactful aspects of a real estate transaction expectedly produce a high level of emotions, which come into play throughout the process of preparing, marketing, negotiating, and closing of a sale - not to mention the move itself. Duing this time, sellers need an experienced and trustworthy Realtor that can guide them through the transaction.

LinkedIn Article published by Reliance Financial lists the following 5 Key Factors In Choosing Your Realtor:

  • Experience and Expertise
  • Credentials and Licensing
  • Communication, Responsiveness, and Availability
  • Client Testimonials and References
  • Compatibility and Trust

Like most things today, an online search can provide a lot of information and transparency on clients' experience with a business. When it comes to finding a trusted, local, and active real estate agent - the internet can be a great place to vet the Realtors that come recommended to you or that you've recently come into contact with.

In my experience representing homeowners in Orange County, California - during the sale of their home, this often means helping sellers plan for the purchase of their next home or guiding them as they plan a relocation. I find that a tremendous amount of communication is required to ensure sellers are properly represented, protected, and informed on all aspects. If you are planning to sell your home - choose a Realtor that you meets the above listed criteria.

As a Realtor I assure my seller clients they can expect the following before, during, and after a home sale.

DETAILED SCHEDULE - For home sale prep, anticipated showing dates/times, escrow, post sale possession dates

Most families have a schedule to keep.

Providing a schedule for the following helps sellers maintain normalcy in their home:

Specific dates and hours for home sale prep
MLS listing day
Anticipated Open House & Private Appointment Blocks to ensure we make the home available to interested buyer groups
Escrow dates specific to in-home appointements, contingency timelines, closing and transfer of possession

If schedules change, ensuring everyone is clear on how potential changes will be communicated is important.

COMMUNICATION: Detailed but focused on decision making details

Communication should be provided in a consistent manner. Phone calls and the occasional meeting are best to cover topics for the first time. Formal written updates (email and text) serve as a great point of reference, as follow ups to phone calls and discussions, as a sale progresses. There is a lot of terminology and aspects of a purchase agreement that require explanation to make sure sellers know what to expect, and when. As your Realtor I keep sellers informed on all matters, with a focus on the details surrounding decision making topics.

ORGANIZATION & KNOWLEDGE: Your resource and guide

Consider your home sale a legal matter.

There are numerous state required forms provided by the association of realtors that need to be processed to finalize a home sale. Many of these forms must be exchanged within a specific time from the agreement date. Ask your Realtor what systems they have in place to coordinate the completion and delivery of these all important documents that ultimately finalize your sale. As your Realtor I explain the content, terms, and purpose of each document included in your home sale, to further the sellers understanding, after their own review of the documents. A Realtor should be able to provide you with first-hand experience and data to support guidance and options specific to determining a list price, working through the negotiable aspects of an agreement, repairs, etc.

NEGOTIATION: Reasonable & Situational

There are two parties to each transaction, work with a Realtor that understands the perspective of a both a seller and buyer and that has a pulse on what's normal in your local real estate market. The guidance of an experienced real estate agent will help you make decisions that get you to where you want to be. Market conditions and the amount of interest in a home are huge factors that determine what is or is not reasonable during negotiations. Another all-important factor is ensuring that negotiations keep us aligned with the sellers next home - if that process is also in motion.


Whether you've sold many homes or planning for your first home sale, connect with a professional, local Realtor who you find it easy to communicate with, that has recent experience in your local market - as there are intricacies to some communities that come into play when home sale agreements are formed. A real estate agent with market knowledge, recent experience, organization and negotiation skills will give you confidence as you begin to plan for a home sale. 


Having purchased homes as an owner and investor, Marina brings a variety of perspectives to each transaction. Attention to detail, commitment to clients, and constant analysis of the Orange County, CA market are what set her apart.

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